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Ventana Group

Ventana Group produces highly engineered cast and machined high precision parts for the worldwide aerospace industry. Ventana operates four foundries for aluminum, magnesium and steel alloys parts, four specialty machining companies and three factories for precision welded components. Its headquarter is located near Pau, in the middle of France’s “aerospace valley”.

Frauenthal Group

Frauenthal Group is a is a Vienna, Austria, based conglomerate with a pan-European presence. Its corporate claim is “strength through diversity”, and it is committed to long-term value growth. Its two divisions, Frauenthal Automotive and Frauenthal Trade, offer premium products and services that deliver outstanding customer benefits. Frauenthal Holding AG’s shares are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Frauenthal Trade

Frauenthal Trade comprises Austrian plumbing, heating and cooling supplies wholesalers SHT and ÖAG. SHT has been part of the Frauenthal Group since 2005, while ÖAG was acquired in 2014. Both operate as independent companies and brands. ÖAG also has a civil engineering and industrial business, which is operated by Kontinentale.

Frauenthal Automotive

Frauenthal Automotive
is a premium supplier and development partner to automotive OEMs, with a total of six production sites located in four different European countries and two overseas.


Montana Holding Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Private investment company

Montana Holding Gesellschaft m.b.H. is the private investment company of Irmgard Lettner and Ernst Lemberger. It is based in Vienna, Austria, and regroups shareholdings in companies acquired over the last 32 years. Its most significant investments are a majority share in Ventana s.a.s., held with French co-investors Guy Kilhoffer and Gérard Russo and a significant indirectly held share in Frauenthal Holding AG of Vienna, Austria. For comprehensive information on our holdings, please visit the websites and

  • Ventana Group

    shareholdings in %

  • Frauenthal Group

    shareholdings in % . Frauenthal holds 8,3% of its own shares.


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